“The soundBAIT” CNA

What is the Client Name (the company advertising)?
What type of business or industry is it?
What is the company’s website?
What market/city/region are you in?
Who is filling out this CNA? Client or Radio Station AE?
What is your email address (who should we send copy and spot to?)?
Do you need a 60, 30 or 15 second ad?
What is the phone number that you want listeners to call?
Who is the target audience you want to speak to?
What is the campaign objective?
What do you need to sell more of?
What makes people want or need what you do/provide?
What do you offer that your competitors can’t?
Do you have a tag line or slogan?
What are the 3 most important copy points?
Are there any price points/offers?
Is there any manufacturer/co-op information?
Are there any legal disclaimers required/mandatory?
What don’t people know about you?
Any specific pronunciations?
What are specific situations for your product/service?
What is most important to you? Image? Drive Traffic? Direct Response?